You're beautiful inside and out, let me help show that.

Self-conscious? So WAS everyone on this page. After their sessions, they felt a new sense of confidence and empowerment, which is why I LOVE doing boudoir sessions. Let me help hype you up and show you a side of you that you might not even know you had.

Know you're hot stuff and want to showcase it? I am here for that! I love confidence and will work with you to create some amazing art with different poses and technique.

Boudoir FAQ

Where would my session take place?

A.I do have a small basic set up that can be used in my in-home space, however I am happy to travel to you, a hotel, Airbnb, etc!

Do my images have to be shared online?

A.Not at all! I rarely share boudoir photos on my main page. I have a private women's-only Facebook group where most images are shared, but if you are not comfortable with them being online, that is 100% fine! Your privacy is most important.

What kind of editing do you do?

A.Boudoir sessions are supposed to make you feel great about the skin you're in, so I will not skew your appearance to make you look completely different. That is a promise. I will gladly remove blemishes and smooth skin, but please note that not every "imperfection" will be 100% gone.

Do you offer outfits?

A.Yes! I have a client closet that can be added for a small additional cost with a wide variety of sizes and styles to choose from. I am constantly growing the collection too!