Engagement sessions have become quite popular, and this Toledo photographer absolutely loves doing them, especially if I’m photographing the wedding, too. One of my favorite things about photography is learning about people and their stories and celebrating them! Engagement sessions are super special because I get to learn about people’s love stories, too: how they met, how they fell in love, how they agreed upon forever. Each story warms my heart and reminds me of true love. It’s so cool to hear how different couples come together, too.

Each story is unique. You have the high school sweethearts that found their way back to each other after many years. You have those who overcome hard times to be together. You have those that face hard times together and come out stronger. You have those that just knew they would be together from the start and then you have longtime friends who fell in love when they weren’t planning on it. I love learning about these different stories and how each couple is different, yet the love they share is so real and rare.

Just look at the way these two are looking at each other! I get to capture that look of true love again and again. What a neat experience to document!

Engagement sessions are important to have with your wedding photographer because it helps you get to know each other. There needs to be some chemistry with your wedding photographer. If I get to know you before your wedding, you bet I can tap into your personalities more and make the photos just that more special. It also helps you get more comfortable in front of the camera and trust me to make you look your best!

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, though. Like last night… I was taking engagement photos when I lost my footing for a shot on some not-so-solid ground and down I went. Luckily, my arm shot up straight with my camera, so no gear was hurt in the process. Once we made sure I was okay, the couple laughed and smiled at my muddy, wet self. I was laughing, too. What better way to bond with your photographer than over an embarrassing situation! Thanks Travis and Chelsea for acting like it was no big deal!