Peter Cottontail has visited my studio at Art on Market and left this Easter photo backdrop behind! Just look at all of the Easter eggs, spring flowers, bunnies, and chicks! Talk about Easter photoshoot inspiration. I’ll be doing Easter Minis with this beautiful Easter photo background on April 9 and 10, so sign up before the Easter Bunny takes all of the spots (I hear he has a thing for photos)!

While looking for a cute Easter backdrop, I came across some amazing Easter photoshoot ideas and some crazy Easter photo history. I’ve included some of my favorites and some ideas for your own Easter photoshoot.

Easter Costumes

Costumes aren’t just for the Easter bunny! In fact, children are often found with bunny ears during the Easter holiday. Don’t worry… adults get in on the fun, too!

Take a look at this photo from Portland in 1960:. Photo credit: Portland Press Herald photo courtesy Portland Public Library Special Collections and Archives

If you can believe it, this picture is only from 2007. 15 years ago, volunteers dressed up in egg costumes for the White House Easter Egg Roll. Photo credit: Martha Steward courtesy of Richards/Getty

Easter Chocolate

One of the most traditional parts of an Easter basket is the chocolate inside. From chocolate bunnies to chocolate chicks to chocolate eggs and all those in between, here are a few photos that celebrate the tradition of Easter chocolate.

This photo from 1938 shows a California girl with what had to be the tastiest part of her easter basket. Girl, I’d do the same. Photo credit: Martha Steward courtesy of Richards/Getty

In the 70s, 80s and 90s, HUGE chocolate eggs were popular. Can we bring this tradition back? Photographed in 1984, the little girl is showing off her family’s 25-pound chocolate egg. Photo credit: Martha Steward courtesy of Richards/Getty

Easter Baskets and Bunnies as Props

Easter baskets date back as far as the 7th century. According to European folklore, a hopping hare would bring baskets of eggs for children around the time the day was the same length as the night. While the basket and eggs represent something different to different cultures, all are bright and colorful.

This little boy in 1950 is SO happy to see the Easter bunny has left him some goodies, including two stuffed bunnies. Isn’t he adorable? Photo courtesy of

These girls, pictured in 1955, are eagerly waiting to dig into their fun-colored Easter bags. Fun fact: 1955 is the same year Peeps were hatched! Photo credit: Martha Steward courtesy of Richards/Getty

While I could look at photos forever and provide countless ideas, these three trends really worked well in the past and still work well now! The classic bunny ears, the yummy chocolate and beautiful eggs and baskets bring an element into the photographs that are fun and on-theme. Bring them along to your Easter Mini Session with me!

Bonus Picture

It wouldn’t be a complete blog without an Easter photo of me 25ish years ago. My photo doesn’t quite fit into the other categories, however, it does feature a poofy dress.

 Disclaimer: The Easter Bunny will not be at the Easter Mini Sessions on April 9 and 10.