A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about finding YOUR perfect wedding photographer. (Check it out here!) In it, I listed a few questions to make sure to ask the wedding photographers you interview. I’d LOVE to take an interview with you, however, I didn’t want you to wait for my answers.

So, without further ado, here are my answers:

What is your turnaround time?

I HATE waiting, so I make sure you have sneak peeks within 48 hours, with your final photos ready within 3 weeks. I don't have patience myself, so I like to get started with editing right away.

Will we receive a print release?

Yes! You can print through me in your gallery (more info below), or if requested, you will be provided with a print release to print on your own.

How would we receive our photos?

Online or on a flash drive. Flash drives are available if added on or included in your photography package. Otherwise, I utilize an online gallery called Pixieset to deliver your photos. Just share your link and Pixieset allows your gallery to be viewed by anyone with your link. You do need to share your passcode if you would like others to be able to download your photos. It is super handy to share with all family members. And it gets better! You (or your family members) can order prints and products right from your gallery! Just select the photo you want to order, click the shopping cart in the upper right corner, and your image will appear on all of the products you can order. And if someone else wants to order your photos, you don’t have to coordinate! They can order and ship directly to themselves.

Who exactly would be handling our big day and can we see their work?

Me! You can check out my wedding portfolio here. My husband Matt is generally my second shooter - we have done about 20 weddings together. We work well together, and having two of us is super handy. While I’m photographing the ladies getting ready, he can be with the guys. If he is unavailable, I am very selective with selecting my other second shooters and focus on their ability to capture moments. I do all editing on all photos, so it is consistent with my work/your gallery. 

How do you approach each wedding?

Weddings are very similar yet very different. They all have a general flow, but each couple and wedding is different and I handle it as such. Some weddings have coordinators who handle all timelines, but I can always help with timelines and answer questions to help make your big day flow better and be flawless. With 53 weddings officially (as of yesterday) under my belt, I have done this a time or two and can give a lot of guidance.

How do you handle possible changes?

Roll with it. You are my ONLY client on your wedding day. I can adjust with you.

How do you help pose and calm nervousness?

I read the room. If jokes are respected, I will crack a ton of them. If you need a pep talk, I got you. I’ll pose with my second shooter to help show you poses, or if you need, I can physically help with your placement. I will tell you what to do with everything, even your hands. Don’t worry about a thing!

What is your price range and what do you expect from us at the wedding and before?

The price depends on the couple's needs, so let’s have a conversation about your needs, and then we will talk price. Before the wedding, just let me know when to arrive and what are photo must-haves, especially with family. Your mind will be on everything but who to include in photos, so I suggest starting this list early. When you provide it to me, I will be able to make sure everyone is included in the photos, and I can organize it to keep the family photo flow going and easy. At the wedding, just enjoy yourself. Don't worry about us - we will grab you if we need something or to get back on schedule if things get sidetracked. 

Thank you for considering me for your wedding photographer. If you want to reach out, contact me here. I can’t wait to hear from you and help preserve your wedding day memories!