A long-distance love that only grew during COVID.

Javi and Melanie had their wedding ceremony Friday, July 8, in Napoleon, Ohio.

Melanie was visiting Washington DC for work when she entered a tapas bar. Javi just happened to be at that same tapas bar. Melanie traveled to DC often, so the two made it work between Zoom calls and visits. Javi traveled to Atlanta to visit Melanie at her home and a few days became a few weeks when the world shut down thanks to COVID. Their love grew, and they knew their futures were with each other.

The couple welcomed their daughter Lyra in 2021 and decided to get married. They felt that the three of them needed to become a family officially, however, Melanie and Javi still wanted to celebrate with friends and family, so they decided to plan another ceremony.

I was lucky to share this day with them! Even after a year of marriage, Javi looked like he won the lottery every time he was with Melanie! Their love just radiated.

When the couple exited the ceremony, their loved ones threw dried flower petals. Not only was it environmentally friendly but very fun!

Now the family is on their way to Spain to share their love with Javi’s family in Spain!

Thank you for sharing your special day with me, and I wish you a happy and safe wedding in Spain with Javi’s family!