My college friend and fellow Toledo alumnus Roderick married the love of his life Rashawn on Saturday, July 30.


I watched Roderick date during college, and let me assure you, his love for Rashawn is entirely different from anything I’ve seen from him. He smiles more, laughs more and shows his love to her. He loves her so much, they fit perfectly together and it is absolutely beautiful!

Roderick and Rashawn know great things happen at Kohls (where the pair met). The inside joke has become a staple in their relationship and even made it into their vows. Each started with, “We met at Kohl’s expecting great things, but never each other.” There wasn’t a dry eye in the venue by the time their vows were finished.

The couple had a little fun with their bridal pictures, too, remaking the cover of one of their favorite albums.

We even had some throwback fun! In college, Roderick would always show off how red my sunburn was or how embarrassed I was by holding my face.

The tradition continued when the couple recreated the moment in their engagement shoot.

And at the wedding, it got in even better! Not only did Roderick hold my face but Rashawn held my husband Matt’s face, too!

Thank you for a fun-filled evening, Roderick and Rashawn! I love you both and wish you all the happiness in the world!