The LEGO-building, craft beer-drinking, artisan taco-eating couple of Erin and Robert were married Friday, July 1 in Cleveland.

While the pandemic affected people in many different ways, Erin and Robert used the pandemic to grow closer, buying a house and moving in together, adopting a dog and getting engaged within six weeks of each other. The couple continues to dance and sing through life together in both the good and bad times.

One of my favorite parts of each wedding is when the bride begins to walk down the aisle and everyone turns to look at her, including her future spouse. Robert’s reaction to Erin walking down the aisle is one of my favorites - he cried like he was the luckiest man in the world.

At the reception, Erin, Robert and guests really enjoyed the photo booth. Just look at the cute photos of the happy couple!

And let me freak out about the venue for a second… talk about a dream venue! Did you know the Cleveland Arcade is known as Cleveland’s Crystal Palace? And it’s easy to see why. Just look at all the lights, the architecture and the simplistic beauty of it!

Thank you, Erin and Robert, for sharing your day with me!