I’m so excited! I just announced one of my favorite mini sessions of the year: sunflower field mini sessions! Click here to book. I love sunflowers, and the field is just beautiful! Mini sessions are a wonderful way to get photos of your loved ones without spending too much time or money.

So, what exactly are the perks of mini sessions?

1) Mini sessions are great for kids! We all know a kid's attention span is… lacking, especially when it comes to something they don’t want to do. With mini sessions, we only require 15 minutes of your child’s attention.

2) Mini sessions are great for family photos! If you’re like me and like to reminisce, family photos are a fantastic way to do so! Almost everyone can spare 15 minutes for some family photos, plus you still get a ton of amazing pictures!

3) Mini sessions are a great way to get to know or try out a new photographer! If you are looking for a new photographer, minis can be a great way to try one out. The session will allow you to get to know the photographer and see how they work without the commitment.

4) Mini sessions don’t cost a ton! As a photographer, I understand what all goes into photographs. With minis, you still get the same quality, but for a snippet of the cost.

5) Mini sessions are a ton of fun! It’s a great time to just let loose and have fun with your pictures. Plus, I’ll be telling bad jokes and having fun with you!

I look forward to seeing you at our sunflower minis!  Sunflower minis take place at Hirzel Farms in Pemberville, OH. They are 15 minutes long and cost $150.

Click here to book.