If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, first off thank you! Second, you already know I love boudoir photography! I even have a special ladies-only group for my boudoir photography. It promotes a positive, empowering environment for ladies of any age and body type to ask any questions they may have and feel great about themselves. Click here to join

I typically shoot boudoir sessions in my studio in Toledo or at various Airbnbs in Ohio. This allows for different settings and for the ladies to really use their environments to feel sexy and empowered. After all, my goal is just that: to make my clients feel sexy and empowered.

As a Toledo boudoir photographer, I’ve heard so many misconceptions about the art. Let’s address some of those, shall we?

  1. It’s Porn. I HATE HATE HATE this misconception. Boudoir has nothing to do with porn. Boudoir is an artwork about empowering women and making them feel comfortable in their own bodies. 
  2. You need the PERFECT body. Let me tell you, you have the perfect body for boudoir no matter what you look like! I will continue to repeat this - the goal is to make you feel sexy and empowered just as you are.
  3. I don't have anyone to give photos to. Girl, boudoir is a gift for yourself! Yes, you can give your photos to your partner if you’d like, but the real gift is feeling sexy in your own skin. Your photos are private, and I won’t share them unless you give me permission. You owe it to yourself to feel amazing.
  4. You need expensive lingerie or to be naked. Grab your partner’s t-shirt and come on down! You don’t even need lingerie for a boudoir shoot - t-shirts, blankets, scarves, etc. make excellent lingerie alternatives. If you’d like some, I have a client closet you are more than welcome to use or hit up Shein, Forever 21 or even Amazon (I’ll share some of my faves below). You’ll be surprised what you can find for under $20. If you are worried about being naked, you don’t need to be. Only strip down to your comfort zone.
  5. You’re awkward. Cool, so am I. Now that that’s out of the way: getting in front of the camera can be nerve-wracking for some people. My goal is to make you feel comfortable and empower you. You are in a judgment-free zone with me. I’ll be your hype girl! Boudoir is a chance to put your fears behind you and try something truly empowering. You’ll realize you’re not as awkward as you think you are.  

If you would like to learn more about boudoir, please reach out to me or join my Facebook group!

Want some ideas for your boudoir session, or even just to spice things up at home? Here are some tried and true Amazon favorites!

For the more modest session, this is a gorgeous silky material with lace accents on the legs and the back of the top.

This all white outfit is a great choice for bridal boudoir sessions, but it does come in many colors as well!

You are sure to bring the heat with this spicy little number - available in multiple colors too!

Another *spicy* option

Another show-stopper!

While this is dramatic and likely not super practical for most, it makes a fun addition to your session!

One piece bodysuits are great to conceal the mid section if that is an area you don't love about yourself.

Halter style pieces are a great way to draw attention to your chest in a more subtle way.

Babydolls are a great option as they flow and help cover you up some; plus they can be moved and accentuate certain areas.

Another great babydoll option!

Sometimes the brightest colors photograph the prettiest!

Emerald greens photograph beautifully, and robes are a great way to add a modest sexy look to your session! Available in other colors.