Best friends. Polar opposites. Soul mates. Twin flames.

This is how Roger and Ashley describe themselves. The two even had secret crushes on each other in high school. After 19 years of friendship and three years of dating, the two became one this Friday, April 8, in an intimate ceremony surrounded by loved ones.

The love these two have for each other is immense. No one makes the other smile or laugh more. My goal was to capture that in their wedding photography. The way these two looked at each other, especially when the other wasn’t looking, made this wedding photographer swoon.

Roger and Ashley wanted to make their wedding day about not just them but also their blended family. Family is a focus of the couple’s relationship. Ashley decided to do the traditional first look with a spin: she did it with her daughters.

There was plenty of family time before the ceremony, but one of the most precious moments was when Roger’s daughter came up to hug Ashley. In response, Ashley said, “Want to know something cool? You’re kind of already my daughter, but you’ll officially be my daughter after today.” The little girl hugged her tighter. That moment just shows the love between this family.

Roger and Ashley - thank you for choosing me to photograph your wedding. I truly enjoyed capturing your love for each other and your family.