It’s my birthday week and I’m turning the big 3-0! This hasn’t exactly been easy to accept… 30 years seems like a long time to me. But it is coming whether I’m ready or not. To help me through this difficult time, I did something I encourage all of you to do to celebrate the big milestones in your life: I did a photoshoot. I dressed up in this sequin pink top, put on my favorite heels and did my hair and makeup, then I created my own space, celebrating my 30th and my love of photography.

Photo Credit: Toni with an Eye Photography

Birthdays, especially big ones like 30, are a time for reflection. This photographer has grown tremendously in my passion and love for photography since I began 13 years ago. I began by taking senior pictures of my friends in high school, as well as some landscape shots around my hometown. In 2015, I second shot my first wedding with the lovely Lindsey Berger at Country Roads Photography. Lindsey gave me a chance to expand my photography and I’ll forever be grateful to her for that. She is still an inspiration to me. I’ve watched Lindsey grow from just starting out to being a full-time professional photographer. #GOALS

Just six months ago, I made my own dream come true. I opened my studio. My own photography studio… I still love the sound of that. This dream had felt out of reach for so long, and, after a lot of hard work and investing in my skill, I finally have a space of my own. It’s amazing.

the day I got my keys to the studio...yikes!

not quite a finished studio, but SO much better

Some things never change, though. My favorite moment from a session is still when I show people their unedited photos on my camera and the client gets a smile on their face! Everyone is beautiful, and I love that I get to show people just how beautiful they are with each picture. I think that’s why my favorite thing to shoot is individual portraits and boudoir sessions. I truly get to focus on that person and make them feel important and beautiful. That’s when you see a person really shine. I’m also a sucker for a good love story, so couples and weddings are also a close second favorite. Seeing the love on the couple’s faces is a magical feeling, and being able to capture that love in a photo is even better.

I can’t imagine my life without photography. It truly is a love of my life, and as I invest in my art and improve my skill, I cannot wait to see what is next! Here’s to turning 30 and to the exciting future that awaits!