About Me

Hi there, I'm Katie! I was raised in little ole Ashland, Ohio but moved to Toledo for my undergraduate degree. I stayed in Northwest Ohio and continue to call this place home! I have found many beautiful locations to photograph sessions at, and my list seems to keep growing!

Why Photography?

I found my love for photography at a very young age. I had borrowed my mom’s old 35mm film camera to go to a friend’s birthday party when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade. Instead of taking photos of my friends, I found myself taking all of my friends’ new dolls, posing them, and having a full-on photoshoot with them. From there, I never put a camera down. 

My passion evolved in high school when I started really practicing posing people and editing. Ultimately during my senior year, I had 11 friends ask me to take their senior portraits – which started me thinking about the business side of photography. 

I fell further in love with photography and found my true purpose in it. 

I have struggled with depression most of my life, which unfortunately can cause memory loss. Many things in life I would not remember I’ve done if it weren’t for photos. My saying with my business is “Memories Matter” as I am able to help capture memories and moments for so many people to look back on at any point. I continue to keep my mission at the front of my mind and use that to fuel my passion for documenting as many people and their memories as I can.